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Movie questions

1. Stephen at the beginning of the movie came across as a knowledgeable young man. The story he tells about the hackers seemed completely creditable and trustworthy along with exciting news. I think that everyone at first believed the story he told and accepted Stephen.
2. No I wouldn’t only because he goes on talking a little too much.
3. The ethical section of the movie is presented when it looks that Stephen possibly lied about some of the details he printed in his hackers story. Since this was a major magazine he was writing for and the story about the hackers illustrated significant evidence of the event and it was later discovered to be false Stehen apparently made a few mistakes. Therefore the films ethical issue is Stephen false statements. Because this is seen by many higher authorities the articles about the story are regarded highly and lying can be a big thing with some people. In some sorts unpatriotic. I don’t think it was a big deal only because a magazine is suppose to sell and I don’t think it matters if sometimes writers do show faults in their stories.
4. Chuck also faces ethical issues; since he allowed the article to be printed he is mainly responsible for the writings being allowed to make the magazine. The problem this presents is that now the whole newspaper is put at risk, it could be possible for people the question the correctness of the paper and if the materials is creditable.


Project 2

I’ve chosen exploring ethical arguments to write my second project on. I plan to write on the topic environmental sustainability. I want to compare different views on the topic and present in the same format as the first project. Analyzing arguments let you break down a persons claim and all the supporting information provided to examine if what was said captured the readers attention. The best way for a writer to attract the reader is by his/her usage of ethos, pathos, and logos. These rhetorical elements are what allow the written and reader to make a connection through emotion and trust which helps to persuade the reader to view the topic as same as the author would. I’ve chosen this topic because I felt the first project was helpful to think differently about an argument whether it is written, oral or even a visual argument. Arguments can be seen in many perspectives but until you actually analyze the argument you don’t know if the teller presents his claim strongly or not. This is why I picked this project to do instead of the other two. The option with the movie was to confusing so I didn’t go any deeper into it. Also the first project we wrote I used shorter arguments so there might not been as much detail included in the article as there would be in a lengthier article. More information presented in the arguments written by the two authors allows further interpretation on the articles, which will provide me with more information to support my assignment topic.


Sports, what would the world do without international sports? As long as I can remember sports have been the focus for everyone that appreciated a good challenge. The action, passion, determination, and enjoyment of the game is what connects to the watcher. Sports have also evolved over time with new technology supporting the effort to keep athletes into peck physical condition. If anyone has ever gone to an actual live game with friends and enjoyed the atmosphere that encompassed the sport, this person can easily be one of the millions of people that are entertained by sports around the globe. One of my favorite sports to watch is basketball. Most of the big time players on the top ranked teams make some high quantities of money and donate Hugh chucks of money to charities to support various movements. Some of which are recovery programs to aid in hurricane damage, programs that build schools, playgrounds and even shelters for the homeless. Basketball has done a number of activities for communities around the world to relieve their struggles. The commitment of these few organizations such as basketball as well as other sports is really making changes in our world as long with every one else’s. Plus it’s not easy with all the traveling they do and stars like Lebron James are always acting in some commercial. This just shows that they to want to make things better for all despite there insane traveling schedule.

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Global warming is becoming a greater risk everyday we continue on how we have been for centuries. Until something is changed nothing can be done to prevent this future catastrophe that has the ability to destroy all forms of live. Pollution from factories, automobiles and anything producing carbon dioxide are increasingly destroying our earth little by little yet there are still only a handful of people really concentrating on what can be done to stop or for now slow down the process of Global warming. Not one individual can do it alone and we all need to begin changing our daily lives in order to save us before it’s too late. For as long as scientists have known the dangers of global warming and the affects it holds there still haven’t been any major changes to our lives. We don’t see everything that goes on around the world unless you take a moment and look, because of our being and outrageous lifestyles many species have or are predicted to go extinct. Therefore it is not just our own kind that were effecting but animals that don’t contribute to global warming are begging to suffer and take the punishments for our reckless living habits. If everyone would just change a fraction of there life it would make all the difference, not just for us but anything that inhabits this planet.

Class discussion

Questioning what is the right thing to do when it comes to giving loose change or anything to a homeless person is actually the right thing to do or not can be perceived in many different ways. Some people may be in a financial position in which giving a dollar away would not cause any harm, and others may not be able to find any surplus of money in their daily lives. Should they still go out of there way to provide something to give to the homeless? Many people view this topic differently. Somebody could think that by not giving a dollar to a homeless person this could in return come back around, like karma, what goes around comes around. Then there are people that will give a dollar just to feel better about themselves. My personally opinion on the topic is to not just give away money that you have earned just to help somebody who can help themselves. Therefore if the person was handicapped in a way he could not provide for him or herself then that might possibly be the only case I would sacrifice money. But the right thing to do is not written in stone anywhere so it is really up to you and how you judge the situation to make a personal opinion.

blog 4

Our world is changing everyday for better or for worse. Everyday a new invention is presented and everyday a species comes closer to extinction. To me it is just more than thinking about what could happen but rather what is going to happen in the future if nothing is changed for these animals. Not only is the human kind eliminating space for thousands of animals in the world driving them to death or to find other refugee but we slay and with no thought torture these animals beyond imagination. I saw a movie on TV called “I am an animal,” this movie shows how one lady whom is head of a huge environmental agency dedicates her life to saving animals. The movie shows videos and other evidence that animals are tortured and killed by the millions. It’s not bad enough that we eat tons and tons of pounds of meat a year but also while consuming we force these animals to suffer. Slaughter factories, dog fighting and simply people who cannot fully take care of there pets are all forms of animal cruelty. This woman in the process of dedicating her life to these defenseless animals creates a will for her death. This will donates all of her body parts to further pursue her dreams of once diminishing animal cruelty past death. One part of it says she wants a piece of her body to be barbecued in the middle of a busy city and when people gather they be notified that the meat they are smelling and craving is actually that of a human. This is to help prove her point that animal flesh is the same as human flesh.

Blog 3

I watched a presidential debate among the democratic candidates; I specifically paid attention to Hilary Clinton. Hilary’s extreme self confidence helped create a more authoritative tone in her debate. For example when responding to questions from the audience she would answer with “When I become president,” as oppose to if, thus exemplifying her confidence. Currently being a senator of the US as well as a presidential candidate her confidence and belief in herself only help to support her ethos. Hilary also uses future references of how she will help to unify the world by promoting allies and friends instead of enemies, this helps to support Hilary’s pathos. Since the nation is waiting for the day of global peace everyone is eager to further listen to what she has to offer. These two elements of persuasion have been accomplished by Hilary and in doing so has made a bond with the audience which hopefully in turn vote for her. Hilary can also represent logos. Her knowledge and wisdom that has rewarded her with the opportunity the run for the presidency is obviously worthy or she would not be in this position. To help extend her logos Hilary can also resort to Bill Clinton her husband and past president with experience and knowledge on his side. She reveals to the audience that she does plan on using Bill’s prior experience and intelligence to her benefit by making him the ambassador and help create more relationships with other nations around the world. Hilary’s usage of pathos, ethos and logos has helped to persuade the audience to trust her judgment and when the time comes vote in her way.

Three Persuasive Appeals & Analyzing an Online Opinion Piece for the How the Writer Uses the Appeals

Part one:
1) Authority has to do with the tone that represents your self confidence on the topic and helps to persuade to listen to your argument because you sound like you know what you are talking about. Emotion is when you create a “sympathetic connection” with the audience members by expressing your thoughts that might have a correlation with your audience. Logic is when your arguments seems well presented and you make your presence felt through both emotion and authoritative manners.

2) To appeal to the reader’s trust in authority one can prior to the argument, can research to illustrate that he/she knows what they are saying and or create a authoritative tone when presenting their claim. It is important to get your readers to trust you as an authority because they become more likely to listen to everything you have to say.

3) Good strategies for appealing to emotion are trying to make some sort of connection with your audience. Hypothetically you present an event in which the audience was apart of or has been effected by. One example, having a family member pass.

4) A potential disadvantage to using heavy appeal can be getting side tracked from the point you are trying to make by talking about these emotional events. For instance, if you are focused on a comical connection with your audience and go on talking about a comical event you can then lose sight of your own argument.

5) Logos can build a strong argument by showing that you do have a very well perceived understanding on the subject. It is very important to use logos in an argument due to the fact that if your listeners are not paying you any attention because you sound unconvincing about the subject then true claim will not be totally viewed.

6) No they are not effective when seperated because if your authority is inadequate then emotion and logic will not be viewed the same way as they would be if the audience trusted your authority.

Part two:
Childhood Obesity:
By Janet Barnett
The writer of this persuasive argument was very convincing when presenting his claim. He backed up his information with numerous statistics from clinical research programs. When presenting the information on childhood obesity the writer clearly identifies all the necessary features for helping to reduce obesity with children. For example, Barnett the writer states “Promotion of fitness, wellness, active lifestyles, clinical intervention, preventive screenings, and health education are keys to defeating obesity in children and adults nationally.” This helps to clearly represent his data, showing that he has a coherent understanding on the topic which helps to influence the reader to trust her ethos. Arguing on topic that relates to everyone living, because in some way everyone has or has known a person that has the attributes of being obese whether it be a family member or just a friend. By trying to persuade the argument using a method, the health report card, the relationship between the audience and writers becomes intact because the audience can positively relate. This connection allows the writer to use pathos in his favor. Since the writer has both ethos and pathos the writer now uses logos to help win over the topic he is trying to persuade. The author has presented both authoritative and emotional aspects of the argument, by doing this the reader now pays attention more intensely to what she has to say or in this case write.
Therefore the writer does use the three appeals ethos, logos and pathos effectively and helps her to gain the audiences trust through the three strategies.

The Elements of Argument & Analyzing Them in an Article

Part One:
1. Claim- When one proposes an opinion to be true. Claim is an element of argument in that it expresses the thought of one person or group involved in the argument.

2. Support- Something that is used to help something else. Support is part of an argument because it’s the details you follow your claim or opinion with.

3. Evidence- Anything that explains an occurrence and can be proven. Evidence is the material used to help prove one’s claim.

4. Explanation- When someone describes an event or occurrence etc. Explanation is the one person or groups’ side or insight on the argument presented.

Part Two:
1. My immediate response is I agree. I think that science should be the major factor for evaluating the globes situation. I feel that this is the only way to solve such a disastrous problem from occurring, along with the support from all the individuals that occupy Earth. I feel this way because it is about time that we stop hoping something happens that will bump us off course for doomsday and actually start establishing the focus on how we can better everyone. The research information including all the population statistics that he provided stuck out to me.
2. Crichton’s tone does not seem angry but more hoping that other will agree will him, as if he was almost disappointed with what we have done so far as a universe. He feels very strongly about the topic and truly believes in what he is stating. Crichton is trying to make the reader feel obligated to agree, and with all the topics he’s talking about it seems to be the right strategy. He is trying get the reader to join in the effort and see eye to eye with him, thus wanting to help improve our living conditions and environment in accordance with one another.
3. His major claim is that we need to begin thinking about the planet by getting rid of religion and environmentalism. He supports his claim by saying that we can not incorporate environmentalism and religion because that has only seemed to “kill people.”
4. Crichton supports his claim with the whole article with different facts and statistics. For instance, most people do not want to experience real nature but just take a sample by only staying for a few days or maybe a week. Furthermore most people would rather live the way we are now and continue to pollute the planet with various sources. People have done little but kill out species of animals and nothing about improving the environment in which we all live in. His reasoning includes the topic of how DDT was banned. Also Crichton gives information and statistics that show the decline in population for the future. Religion is also used to further explain Crichton. He shows that religions all have different opinions on how we should solve the world’s problems. The evidence given is definitely useful and indeed helps the reader to understand the point he claims.
5. He chooses to not cites his sources because he thinks only a hand of us will be impacted. I do not accept this I think this hurts his argument.
6. Crichton’s argument is strong because it states plenty of information that can been understood by anyone who reads it especially anyone with knowledge about doomsday and what might cause that.

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