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I watched a presidential debate among the democratic candidates; I specifically paid attention to Hilary Clinton. Hilary’s extreme self confidence helped create a more authoritative tone in her debate. For example when responding to questions from the audience she would answer with “When I become president,” as oppose to if, thus exemplifying her confidence. Currently being a senator of the US as well as a presidential candidate her confidence and belief in herself only help to support her ethos. Hilary also uses future references of how she will help to unify the world by promoting allies and friends instead of enemies, this helps to support Hilary’s pathos. Since the nation is waiting for the day of global peace everyone is eager to further listen to what she has to offer. These two elements of persuasion have been accomplished by Hilary and in doing so has made a bond with the audience which hopefully in turn vote for her. Hilary can also represent logos. Her knowledge and wisdom that has rewarded her with the opportunity the run for the presidency is obviously worthy or she would not be in this position. To help extend her logos Hilary can also resort to Bill Clinton her husband and past president with experience and knowledge on his side. She reveals to the audience that she does plan on using Bill’s prior experience and intelligence to her benefit by making him the ambassador and help create more relationships with other nations around the world. Hilary’s usage of pathos, ethos and logos has helped to persuade the audience to trust her judgment and when the time comes vote in her way.

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