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The Elements of Argument & Analyzing Them in an Article

Part One:
1. Claim- When one proposes an opinion to be true. Claim is an element of argument in that it expresses the thought of one person or group involved in the argument.

2. Support- Something that is used to help something else. Support is part of an argument because it’s the details you follow your claim or opinion with.

3. Evidence- Anything that explains an occurrence and can be proven. Evidence is the material used to help prove one’s claim.

4. Explanation- When someone describes an event or occurrence etc. Explanation is the one person or groups’ side or insight on the argument presented.

Part Two:
1. My immediate response is I agree. I think that science should be the major factor for evaluating the globes situation. I feel that this is the only way to solve such a disastrous problem from occurring, along with the support from all the individuals that occupy Earth. I feel this way because it is about time that we stop hoping something happens that will bump us off course for doomsday and actually start establishing the focus on how we can better everyone. The research information including all the population statistics that he provided stuck out to me.
2. Crichton’s tone does not seem angry but more hoping that other will agree will him, as if he was almost disappointed with what we have done so far as a universe. He feels very strongly about the topic and truly believes in what he is stating. Crichton is trying to make the reader feel obligated to agree, and with all the topics he’s talking about it seems to be the right strategy. He is trying get the reader to join in the effort and see eye to eye with him, thus wanting to help improve our living conditions and environment in accordance with one another.
3. His major claim is that we need to begin thinking about the planet by getting rid of religion and environmentalism. He supports his claim by saying that we can not incorporate environmentalism and religion because that has only seemed to “kill people.”
4. Crichton supports his claim with the whole article with different facts and statistics. For instance, most people do not want to experience real nature but just take a sample by only staying for a few days or maybe a week. Furthermore most people would rather live the way we are now and continue to pollute the planet with various sources. People have done little but kill out species of animals and nothing about improving the environment in which we all live in. His reasoning includes the topic of how DDT was banned. Also Crichton gives information and statistics that show the decline in population for the future. Religion is also used to further explain Crichton. He shows that religions all have different opinions on how we should solve the world’s problems. The evidence given is definitely useful and indeed helps the reader to understand the point he claims.
5. He chooses to not cites his sources because he thinks only a hand of us will be impacted. I do not accept this I think this hurts his argument.
6. Crichton’s argument is strong because it states plenty of information that can been understood by anyone who reads it especially anyone with knowledge about doomsday and what might cause that.

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