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Questioning what is the right thing to do when it comes to giving loose change or anything to a homeless person is actually the right thing to do or not can be perceived in many different ways. Some people may be in a financial position in which giving a dollar away would not cause any harm, and others may not be able to find any surplus of money in their daily lives. Should they still go out of there way to provide something to give to the homeless? Many people view this topic differently. Somebody could think that by not giving a dollar to a homeless person this could in return come back around, like karma, what goes around comes around. Then there are people that will give a dollar just to feel better about themselves. My personally opinion on the topic is to not just give away money that you have earned just to help somebody who can help themselves. Therefore if the person was handicapped in a way he could not provide for him or herself then that might possibly be the only case I would sacrifice money. But the right thing to do is not written in stone anywhere so it is really up to you and how you judge the situation to make a personal opinion.

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