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Our world is changing everyday for better or for worse. Everyday a new invention is presented and everyday a species comes closer to extinction. To me it is just more than thinking about what could happen but rather what is going to happen in the future if nothing is changed for these animals. Not only is the human kind eliminating space for thousands of animals in the world driving them to death or to find other refugee but we slay and with no thought torture these animals beyond imagination. I saw a movie on TV called “I am an animal,” this movie shows how one lady whom is head of a huge environmental agency dedicates her life to saving animals. The movie shows videos and other evidence that animals are tortured and killed by the millions. It’s not bad enough that we eat tons and tons of pounds of meat a year but also while consuming we force these animals to suffer. Slaughter factories, dog fighting and simply people who cannot fully take care of there pets are all forms of animal cruelty. This woman in the process of dedicating her life to these defenseless animals creates a will for her death. This will donates all of her body parts to further pursue her dreams of once diminishing animal cruelty past death. One part of it says she wants a piece of her body to be barbecued in the middle of a busy city and when people gather they be notified that the meat they are smelling and craving is actually that of a human. This is to help prove her point that animal flesh is the same as human flesh.

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