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Project 2

I’ve chosen exploring ethical arguments to write my second project on. I plan to write on the topic environmental sustainability. I want to compare different views on the topic and present in the same format as the first project. Analyzing arguments let you break down a persons claim and all the supporting information provided to examine if what was said captured the readers attention. The best way for a writer to attract the reader is by his/her usage of ethos, pathos, and logos. These rhetorical elements are what allow the written and reader to make a connection through emotion and trust which helps to persuade the reader to view the topic as same as the author would. I’ve chosen this topic because I felt the first project was helpful to think differently about an argument whether it is written, oral or even a visual argument. Arguments can be seen in many perspectives but until you actually analyze the argument you don’t know if the teller presents his claim strongly or not. This is why I picked this project to do instead of the other two. The option with the movie was to confusing so I didn’t go any deeper into it. Also the first project we wrote I used shorter arguments so there might not been as much detail included in the article as there would be in a lengthier article. More information presented in the arguments written by the two authors allows further interpretation on the articles, which will provide me with more information to support my assignment topic.

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