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Sports, what would the world do without international sports? As long as I can remember sports have been the focus for everyone that appreciated a good challenge. The action, passion, determination, and enjoyment of the game is what connects to the watcher. Sports have also evolved over time with new technology supporting the effort to keep athletes into peck physical condition. If anyone has ever gone to an actual live game with friends and enjoyed the atmosphere that encompassed the sport, this person can easily be one of the millions of people that are entertained by sports around the globe. One of my favorite sports to watch is basketball. Most of the big time players on the top ranked teams make some high quantities of money and donate Hugh chucks of money to charities to support various movements. Some of which are recovery programs to aid in hurricane damage, programs that build schools, playgrounds and even shelters for the homeless. Basketball has done a number of activities for communities around the world to relieve their struggles. The commitment of these few organizations such as basketball as well as other sports is really making changes in our world as long with every one else’s. Plus it’s not easy with all the traveling they do and stars like Lebron James are always acting in some commercial. This just shows that they to want to make things better for all despite there insane traveling schedule.

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