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Global warming is becoming a greater risk everyday we continue on how we have been for centuries. Until something is changed nothing can be done to prevent this future catastrophe that has the ability to destroy all forms of live. Pollution from factories, automobiles and anything producing carbon dioxide are increasingly destroying our earth little by little yet there are still only a handful of people really concentrating on what can be done to stop or for now slow down the process of Global warming. Not one individual can do it alone and we all need to begin changing our daily lives in order to save us before it’s too late. For as long as scientists have known the dangers of global warming and the affects it holds there still haven’t been any major changes to our lives. We don’t see everything that goes on around the world unless you take a moment and look, because of our being and outrageous lifestyles many species have or are predicted to go extinct. Therefore it is not just our own kind that were effecting but animals that don’t contribute to global warming are begging to suffer and take the punishments for our reckless living habits. If everyone would just change a fraction of there life it would make all the difference, not just for us but anything that inhabits this planet.

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