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Global warming is becoming a greater risk everyday we continue on how we have been for centuries. Until something is changed nothing can be done to prevent this future catastrophe that has the ability to destroy all forms of live. Pollution from factories, automobiles and anything producing carbon dioxide are increasingly destroying our earth little [...]

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Questioning what is the right thing to do when it comes to giving loose change or anything to a homeless person is actually the right thing to do or not can be perceived in many different ways. Some people may be in a financial position in which giving a dollar away would not cause any [...]

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Our world is changing everyday for better or for worse. Everyday a new invention is presented and everyday a species comes closer to extinction. To me it is just more than thinking about what could happen but rather what is going to happen in the future if nothing is changed for these animals. Not only [...]

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I watched a presidential debate among the democratic candidates; I specifically paid attention to Hilary Clinton. Hilary’s extreme self confidence helped create a more authoritative tone in her debate. For example when responding to questions from the audience she would answer with “When I become president,” as oppose to if, thus exemplifying her confidence. Currently [...]

Three Persuasive Appeals & Analyzing an Online Opinion Piece for the How the Writer Uses the Appeals

Part one:
1) Authority has to do with the tone that represents your self confidence on the topic and helps to persuade to listen to your argument because you sound like you know what you are talking about. Emotion is when you create a “sympathetic connection” with the audience members by expressing your thoughts that might [...]

The Elements of Argument & Analyzing Them in an Article

Part One:
1. Claim- When one proposes an opinion to be true. Claim is an element of argument in that it expresses the thought of one person or group involved in the argument.

2. Support- Something that is used to help something else. Support is part of an argument because it’s the details you follow your [...]

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